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Designing your photo access cards

We offer a variety of cards and countless ways to customize them for your brand.   Our standard cards are the business card sized paper and plastic cards and the key tag cards.   We also offer die cut cards to fit almost any shape you can imagine!

These templates are guides to what you can edit.   You have the complete front side of the cards to do design as you please.   The back must have the your url, the human readable code and the QR code.   All other pieces of the card (the color, the text, etc) are editable.

Paper card template (3.5" x 2")

         Download PDF (includes three example backs)


Plastic card template (3.5" x 2")

     Download PD(includes three example backs)


Plastic key tag template (2" x 1")

    Download PDF Template


Key Shaped Card
Download PDF Template

Or contact us if you have a special die cut shape in mind.


Can I add a hole punch to my cards?
Yes.   The key tag already comes with a standard hole punch, but you can add one to any plastic card.   Depending on the die cut and where you'd like the hole, additional charges may apply.

What is the minimum number of cards I can order?
The minimum order is 500 cards, but because there is a setup fee on each print run, we recommend ordering in higher quantities.

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