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Facebook Pixel Set-Up

There are two primary purposes for using a Facebook Pixel:
  • information on demographics of Facebook users who have viewed your Fotozap photo display pages. Keep in mind, probably 70% of the viewership of a Fotozap Photo Display page comes from Facebook. 
  • the ability to target Facebook ads to those who have viewed a photo display page—or even those who are similar in demographics to those that viewed a photo display page. 
Demographic information includes:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language preference
  • Geographic location
  • Device operating system
To install a Facebook Pixel into your Fotozap Page, first log into the below link and make sure you have selected the desired Facebook Page (if you are an administrator of several pages): 

 1.  Go to:

 2.  From the Analytics drop down menu, choose Assets>Pixels.

3.  Once in the Pixel menu, click on “Create a Pixel”.

4.  You will eventually arrive at this dialogue box. Because Fotozap has created a tool for installing Facebook Pixel, you will need to neither Use an Integration or Tag Manager NOR Copy and Paste the Code.

Simply click on the shaded area of the page to eliminate this dialogue box.

5.  Instead, simply copy the Pixel ID number in the right margin:

6.  Then return to and paste this code into the Analytics section of 3rd Party Integrations (Account>3rd Party Integrations>Analytics).

7.  Once your Pixel is installed and enough traffic generated, you may view your Analytics page. Return to

If you use Facebook ads, please refer to Facebook’s information for creating Audiences and Ads:

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