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Connect an iPad to WPS Pro Print Server While Uploading With Cellular Data

You can connect your iPad or iPhone to a Wi-Fi device that doesn't have an active Internet connection, and still be able to upload images as long as the device has a Cellular Data Account.  

So you can both print wirelessly, while simultaneously using the device's cellular data connection.   

This is useful for devices such as:  
  • A DNP WPS Pro* print server that is not plugged into an Internet connection
  • A Canon Selphy dye sublimation printer
  • An Inkjet printer that is not plugged into an Internet connection
* Note that if the WPS Pro is plugged into an Ethernet cable with a wired Internet connection, you can just connect to the Wi-Fi connection provided by the device and not have to change any IP settings. Skip to the bottom of this article. 

Tap to Open the iPad's Settings App


Connect to the Wi-Fi Device, then click the "i"

For a WPS Pro, for example, you would connect to the WiFi Network that starts with "WPS..." 
(the Password for the WPS Pro is DNP20153)

Click on the "i" once you have connected to the device's Wi-Fi

Take Note of the IP Address and Subnet Mask, then click "Automatic"

You will need the IP Address and Subnet mask on the following screen, so write them down if possible

Now change from "Automatic" to "Manual"

Just tap to select Manual and form fields will appear below.

Type in the IP Address and Subnet Mask from the previous screen

The IP Address will vary. 
The subnet mask is usually either or

After you enter the IP Addresses, don't forget to click SAVE

This in the top right of the previous screen. It highlights in blue once you have entered the numbers

Click to go back to the main Wi-Fi settings screen. That's it!

The iPad is now ready to use. 

You will see that the iPad is now connected to the printer's Wi-Fi network and it shows "No Internet Connection" but as long as the device has a working cellular data connection, you will be able to both print and also upload images and download new promotions. 

Using the WPS Pro Print Server

  1. Make sure the DNP Printer(s) are connected with a USB cable to the WPS Pro, turned on, and showing a solid green light
  2. Turn on the WPS Pro by holding down the power switch. Wait 2 minutes for it to boot up.
  3. Connect to the Wi-Fi signal of the WPS Pro as described above
  4. Open the settings screen in the Fotozap Camera, Fotozap Booth, or Fotozap Scan apps
  5. Make sure that the Printing switch is turned on by sliding it to the right as shown below
  6. Select WPS Print Server
  7. Confirm that the app shows: "Wirelessly Connected to WPS Print Server".  
  8. Click on Verify to confirm that you are connected to the WPS Print Server
  9. Click on "Print a Test Photo" to confirm the printer has paper and is functioning properly
This is how it should look on the Fotozap app settings screen:

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