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Adding an external microphone to an iPad lightning port

There are a few ways to add an external microphone, such as using a bluetooth microphone or plugging a mic into the headphone jack (where present). 

But we recommend using a digital microphone. IK Multimedia sells a few, such as the:
IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD 2 (or the IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio):

To plug this into an iPad with a lightning connector AND also keep the iPad charged, you need to buy these cables and connectors: 

1. Connect the "Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter" to the Lightning port on the iPad

2. Then connect the "USB-C to Lightning Cable - 2m" (or 1m) to the Lightning port on the adapter in #1. 
Note: Avoid non-Apple branded cables, we have found that they usually don't deliver the Fast Charge needed.

3. Plug the other end of the cable in #2 to "29W USB‑C Power Adapter". This provides Fast Charging to keep the iPad charged even when it is also powering a Microphone (or ethernet adapter):

4. Plug a digital Microphone (or ethernet adapter) into the USB-A side of the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter mentioned in #1. 

NOTE: that if you are using a USB-C with a 2018 iPad, then you would NOT use these adapters. Rather you should look at a USB-C hub. 

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