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Adding Personalized Text to Overlays


You can have text added to a photo for the purpose of personalization, specific to each guest.  The guest will complete a survey form on the capture device and the variable text will be added to the photo.  This is a great way for a guest to add their name, a quote, or other text—unique to them—to their photo.  Photos created this way may be printed on site with the personalization, and, of course, be uploaded for digital delivery to the guest. 

The process requires that Picture Marketing install the feature ($480), but you may prepare your own files. 

 Preparing art files:

Create a layered Photoshop file to spec, based on the dimensions found in the Master Overlay section of FotoZap Admin with sample text on a separate layer:

-Use a font that is featured at These are fonts available on any iPad, without additional preparation. See instructions far below for using a custom font.

-Utilize the font color, size, and position you want in the Photoshop file

-Understand the copy will be on a single line; the copy line does not break

-Prepare any corresponding, static text that will be used as normal, but do not rasterize text in the Photoshop file.

-Feel free to indicate any angle of rotation for the text

-Indicate opacity of Text in text layer, if desired

 PM will:

Prepare the corresponding survey form as an offline survey; if you plan to use a survey to ask other questions (e.g., opt-in, first, last, email, sms number), send the information along in a Word Document.

 Generate the app configuration files to support the Personalization feature.

Establish the bounding box to limit the area that is personalized

Test the set up


The personalization occurs in a layer underneath the Master Overlay. So, PM will create the overlay as an Animated Overlay, using the Animated format for the image (with a single frame, rather than multiple frames).

If necessary, PM will create a Master Overlay that matches the Animated Overlay, but will create a “window” in the Master Overlay so the guest may see their personalization. In kiosk environments, the text will appear as a mirror image during capture (to match the guest’s view of themselves as a mirror image). Once rendered the text will appear correctly.


Using Custom Fonts
Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, and clients will demand a custom font. Any TrueType or OpenType font may be used.  HOWEVER, it requires you to install the custom font on the iPad device.  As this has to be done for every iPad you plan to utilize, we recommend using fonts listed on, instead.

1.       Download the App AnyFont from the AppStore.

2.      Send the font to the iPad (usually send an email with the font as an attachment)

3.      Click on the attached font from the email; the iPad will ask you if you want to open the font in AnyFont app. Accept.

See below for reference:

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