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Files not uploading

My Videos/Photos and not uploading.


In the event you feel your videos/photos are not uploading, do the following and then report the issue to us:

1.      Admin Site Info:

a.      Check the Admin Site in Results>Media Search and find the most recently uploaded image:

                                                              i.      Click on the photo and then “Basic Info” Tab.  This will have plenty of information about your program.

                                                            ii.      Note the Device ID and Platform and Model (device and app versions)

                                                            iii.      Check the date and time uploaded (and date and time taken).

                                                          iv.      Note the Last Upload info and Latest Monitoring Data:

                                                            v.      Note the “Media in Queue” and “Failed Media in Queue”

                                                          vi.      In the “Media Attributes” tab, note the Date Taken

b.      In the FotoZap Booth App (or FZ Camera) tab in Customize :

                                                              i.      Note in Advance Settings whether you have “Upload & Save to Device” or “Upload Only” – you may be running out of space on the device. If you are low on space or your device doesn't have a large memory size, you might want to change to "Upload Only."

2.      On the device:
Go to General Settings for the iPad

a.      In “Storage” Check the capacity left on the iPad: there needs to be at least a couple gigabytes left.

b.      Check in Menu Settings of FotoZap app to see “Media in Upload Queue”

c.      If there are files in the Upload Queue, note your Upload Speed and also click on the line.

                                                              i.      Note the progress of the files (a percentage is shown)

1.      Click on Retry at the bottom of the screen

2.      If you note one particular file failing, you may remove it by swiping left.

3.      If your upload speed is less than 2mbps, your files may be timing out; you’ll need to upload when you have better internet speed.

3.      If you’ve established that you have storage space and appropriate internet speed, please call the support line at (786) 735 -3330 for further assistance.



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