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How to CLONE an Existing Campaign

Cloning a campaign is a great tool that saves you from having to rewrite and reload a bunch of stuff you've already created.   

It's really easy;

1) Log in to your account at
2) Create a NEW CAMPAIGN and give it a name
3) Go to the Campaign you want to clone (the one that already exists with all of your custom text, etc.)
4) Select the ONLINE DELIVERY icon  (it's circled below)
5) Click on COPY SETTINGS (it's underlined below)
System Quirk...if you don't see your TARGET campaigns, just reload the page and click COPY SETTINGS one more time.

6) SELECT WHICH SECTIONS TO COPY - (see them on the screen shot... to the right of the vertical red line!)
7) Choose your target campaign(s) - That's where your existing settings are going to be copied to. See the red STAR below. 
8) In this example, we are moving the settings that are in SENOR FROGS over to GALVESTON EXPERIENCE
9) CLICK on the Orange COPY SETTINGS button (see it at the lower-left)

That's it.  You are a pro!

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