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Animated Overlays

Adding Animated Overlays to your images

Adding an animated overlay to your image provides greater interest and enhances the likelihood of the image being shared.

Adding Overlays that move is a matter of adding a series of PNG files to the campaign.

1 . Choose Animation from the Filters and Effects tab in FotoZap Booth App configuration

2.  Choose the number of frames you want—you can even choose 1 frame and have a series of overlays play over a static image.

3. Select the desired Capture Speed and Playback Speed (faster is smoother, but also results in a larger file).

4. Choose the looping method and the number of loops your animated should have

5. Finally, add in the Animated Overlays.  Select multiple frames to upload many frames.  The frames will be distributed evenly across the number of captured frames. So, if you’ve uploaded 18 Animated Overlays for a 3-frame GIF, 6 overlays will play for each captured frame. 

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