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Adding Pre-Post Roll to your Campaigns

Adding Pre-Post roll video to your campaign is a great way to showcase any events or to set up the scene before you capture.

Heres a great example of what Pre-Post roll can do for your campaign:

This was a combination of the following:

Adding Pre-Post Roll to your Video or Animation

1. Start by selecting a Video or Animated Campaign under your promotion. 

Pro Tip: When working with multiple campaigns in one promotion, be sure to name  enter Photo, GIF, or Video to ensure your working on the right campaign.

2. Click on the Booth Icon and go to Filters & Effects tab. Under the first option titled Type of Image, click on the type of capture your campaign will be using; Animation (GIF) or Video.

3. Scroll down to find Server Side Pre/Post Roll, and upload your video to the campaign. You could add a video before, after, or both!

Adding Pre-Post Roll to a Still Photo

Generally adding pre and post video is only for animation and video but here is a workaround should you want to have that option.

1. Following the same steps as above, choose the right campaign you wish to add this effect but this time when you get to Type of Image, select Animation.
But that's not a still frame? Yes, this is where the workaround comes in…

2. Set the number of frames to 1. This will capture a 1-Frame GIF, which is rendered as a still image. 

3. Set the playback speed to 1 frame per second. 

4. Then set the number of loops to 10 or so to give people enough time to see the image.

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