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Creating an Offline Survey

An offline survey is a great option for the events where you want to capture guest data but have limited to no WiFi onsite. Follow the steps below to make sure data is collected regardless of your online connection. 

Creating an Offline Survey

       1. Log into your admin account via

       2.  Select the 'customize' tab on the promotion you would like to edit. 

      3. Select the Fotozap Application on the campaign you would like to create a survey. In this case Fotozap Booth App has been selected.

       4. Select 'Sharing & Data Collection'  to access the survey option. 

       5. Select the Survey option to 'On' and select 'Display Before Capture'. To Review the survey and change the styling select the 'Click Here' option.


        6. Select the 'Offline' option in the offline survey section. 

Here you can choose to create a custom survey or choose the 'Preset Form' and customize as you go.

If you choose to create a new one, click on the 'Add New Form Element' drop-down menu and edit each field as needed with a custom Title and subtitles. 

Pro Tip: You could also choose to have the information be required before the form can be submitted.

         7. For activations that need to meet a specific age requirement to participate, use the age gate option to display a disclaimer before your guest can continue onto the photo booth.

        8. Be sure to click the 'Save' button located at the top and bottom of the page.  

        9. Restart or refresh your Fotozap application to test changes made the campaign. If you come across errors please review your settings on the admin site. For technical issues beyond your control please contact us at

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