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Adding a Call-to-Action Button on Your Photo Display Page

Do you want a way for your guests to access special promotions? Who doesn't! Engage your guests by having a call-to-action button right on their photo access page; Heres how!

Adding a CTA button

1. Select a Promotion

Once logged in, choose which promotion you'd like to add the action to, and do the following:

Select 'Online Delivery' from the promotion drop down menu. 

Select 'Photo Page' tab, scroll down and enter the text of your action. 

Pro Tip: To better envoke guests to tap on the button, make the text minimal but make a statement. For example in terms of a coupon, instead of saying, "Click here to find out more" try, "I want 50% off!". 

Below that, enter the address you which to click the button to and click save.

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