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Assign Staff to Promotions

1.  Log onto your admin site on

2.  Select the 'Staff & Devices' tab and click on 'Assign Staff to Promotion' .

3.  Click on the 'Assigned Promotion' column next to the users email address to select the specific promotion to assign from the dropdown list. You may also click on 'Invite Staff' if the staff member has not been added. 

Invite Staff

Fill out the form on this page to invite a staff member to your account. At the end of the form you can either:

1. Create a password for them, and give them their credentials by other means.

2. Have the system email them an invitation so they can create their own password; to do that just check the last checkbox in the form.

Once the user has successfully been created you will see a check mark notification confirming the new user added. 

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