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Customize Microsite Survey

When using Photo Access Cards, consumers visit the domain on the card and complete the survey before viewing and sharing their images. This happens when the consumer either types in the information from the card into their phone or computer, scans the QR code with their phone, or uses iPad registration kiosks that can be set up onsite (with our Fotozap Scan app).

1.  Log into you admin account on

2. Click on 'Booth App'

Select 'Data Collection' scroll downward and select 'Click Here' to access the microsite survey editor. 

3.  This survey can also appear as part of the Fotozap Booth or Fotozap Camera image capture experience when you choose to include the survey as a sharing option. For the photo booth, this can happen before or after image capture.

The Site Title is the name that appears at the top of the browser window when a consumer is on your photo sharing website. So you could title the site: "[your brand] Photo Website". This is only visible when you are using Photo Access Cards.

You may also upload a banner graphic with the option of linking a webpage as a clickable call to action.

Graphic Requirements:

Format: Banners can be JPG or PNG.
Width: The ideal size of the banner is 720 pixels wide, although you can upload banners up to 1000 pixels wide or narrower ones.
Height: The height is up to you, 100 pixels tall is a pretty good height to start with.

If you wish to add a custom color you may add the color code (I.E #036CBC) in the color box shown below. Once the color code has been entered a preview of the color will appear next to the color code box and will also appear next to the preview survey shown below. 

NOTE:  Please contact us to customize the Microsite Survey. The survey can be changed to match your brand requirements including custom styling, 
multi-page surveys, legal disclaimers, signature panels, etc.  We can enhance both the in-app survey as well as the online photo retrieval experience according to your brand requirements. For example, we can add: instant win games, age gates, interactive photo activities, and anything else your brand requires.

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