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Files Missing from Admin Site


Problem: You took a lot of images at your event.  Not all of them are appearing in the MEDIA SEARCH section. It appears they were not uploaded, and no one from the event is receiving their images.

In most cases, this issue is caused by an inadequate wifi connection at the event.  And, if your files are videos, the problem is made worse because they are larger and take longer to upload.

The first thing to do is to Launch the SAME CAMPAIGN on your app when you have a strong wifi connection. Do this on both the Capture and the Gallery Share app (e.g. FotoZap Gallery).  Look in the DEVICE Admin Screen and see if there are any uploads in the UPLOAD STATUS area.  If all photos are uploaded, it will show ZERO, as you see below.

If there are still images awaiting upload, it will show you the number in the queue. You can click on the chevron (  >  ) to see each piece of media awaiting upload.  If you see images awaiting upload there (e.g. like the media listed below), press the RETRY UPLOADS in the lower-left corner.

The media will start processing.

If there is no media listed there, send an email to <> including your company, your account URL (e.g. Your name, phone number, and the email address you use to login.  (We do not need your password).

Explain the issue and let us know that you've already attempted the solution above, but need more help.

Other common causes of upload failures include 
1) Your file is too big or the video is too long.  
2) Your music file is corrupted, or contains code*** that restricts its usage or is not an MP3 file, or is has special characters in its name (music files cannot contain any spaces, underscores or special characters.)

*** Music downloaded from popular internet sites can contain code that restricts its usage. The music companies do this to ensure that music is purchased through the proper channels, and not just downloaded and used without proper permission or payment. This code can cause a variety error messages.  If you are seeing error messages, try deleting your music audio file.  If the uploads and processing then works normally, your audio file contains restrictions that will not allow it to be used without payment.***

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