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BEST PRACTICES: Video Processing 'Beautifying Loop' is taking too long

When you process a video animation or filter treatment, the FotoZap App (and also Orca Booth for OrcaVue) compiles the video on your device prior to uploading to the servers. How long this takes is dependent upon what you have instructed the app to ''build.'  While it is processing, you will see a series of comments as the video compiles (see below). 

An error we occasionally have seen is when a user creates a standard video length that might last 20 to 30 seconds including animations and then uploads a 2-minute audio file.  The 'Beautifying Loop' then takes the full 2 minutes to process the video....which is a lifetime at an event!

SOLUTION: Make sure your audio file length is not too much longer than the video file you have created.  It can be a few seconds longer, but trim it down to size!

Here is how the processing sequence looks on the iPhone or iPad.  It shows a series of comments such as Building your Video, Applying Effects, Adding Filters, Looping Frames, etc.

The Settings below appear on your laptop or computer, when you are logged into the Admin site (not the app on your device).  Login with your UN and PW, then go to 

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