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BEST PRACTICES: My Video is 'Jerky'

When you create a video animation or filter treatment, the FotoZap App (and also Orca Booth for OrcaVue) allows you the freedom to set your playback speed.  

The standard speed is typically around 28 frames per second.  If you set your playback speed VERY at 15%, you are taking the same number of frames as the original, and slowing them down so that each frame will appear on screen for a longer period of time.  

This can give the appearance of 'Jerkyness' as each frame shows on screen many times longer than the normal split-second view.

If this appearance bothers you, you can speed up the playback.  It's not that noticeable at midrange speeds (like 50%), but gets really noticeable if you drop much lower.

SOLUTION: Increase your playback speed

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