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How to add a banner on photo page

To add a banner to your company photo page, you'll have to access your admin account on .

1. Select 'Customize' and click on promotions from the dropdown menu. 

2. Click the customize option next to the desired promotion. 

3. Select the 'Online delivery' option on the following screen. 

4. Click on 'Photo Page' to see the banner option and select 'Upload Banner'.

Format: Banners can be JPG or PNG.

Width: The ideal size of the banner is 720 pixels wide, although you can upload banners up to 1000 pixels wide or more narrow ones.
Height: The height is up to you, 100 pixels tall is a pretty good height to start with.

If you have more than one campaign you will need to upload a banner for each campaign. You can upload a different banner for each campaign, with graphics and a call-to-action that match the campaign's theme.

If you are using Photo Access Cards or the In-App Survey, you will also upload a banner for the Gateway Form.

Tips for banner design: It is nice when the banner highlights the event or the photo concept, because guests enjoy sharing their photo when it tells a story. The banner can also feature a call-to-action: "Sign up now", "Review us on TripAdvisor", or "Claim Your Discount".

Don't forget to fill in the URL of where the banner should link to.

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