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Understanding Date and Time Stamps On Media Search

There are 3 time stamps recorded by the platform. To access the media search the user must log into their admin account on

1)   The DATE CREATED (also called DATE UPLOADED) is the time the asset was created/uploaded within our platform. The time is shown as the LOCAL TIME ON YOUR COMPUTER. So if a photo was captured in Florida at 9PM EST, and you were viewing this on your computer in San Francisco, the DATE CREATED/UPLOADED would show as 6PM PST.

The DATE TAKEN shows the time the photo was captured by the capture device, and the time that shows is the CAPTURE DEVICE time. So if your capture device is set to a different time zone than you are in, it will show whatever you have the capture device set to as the DATE TAKEN.

2)   Under the GUESTS tab, another date shows with the title CREATED. This is the date the customer’s file was created in our system and can largely be ignored. If you took photos of the customer a month ago, in the same campaign, then it might show that the DATE CREATED (the date the photo was created) is today, but the CREATED date for the customer is a month ago

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