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How to add Age Gate to a Campaign

For operators looking to add a minimum age requirement to their campaign, they may do so by accessing the campaign admin settings via

1. Select the 'Customize' option next to your created promotion. 

2. On the following screen select 'Included Campaigns' and click on 'Booth App'.

3. Click on 'Data Collection' to access data collection settings. Within the 'Survey' select the ON option to access age gate section. You may select to display before or after capture. 

4. Click on the recommended Offline survey form followed by selecting 'Yes' within the age gate options. In this section you may include the minimum age requirement for your campaign. 

5. When accessing the Fotozap App the example below will display within your campaign. 

If a consumer does not meet the minimum age requirement, an on screen message will be displayed letting the consumer know they cannot proceed. 

Custom Displays

For an additional fee, we can build the age gate into a professionally designed display
page. (

In this example, we used an I-frame to accommodate the brand’s request to have guests visit their Facebook page to pickup their images.

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