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Upgrade Your Image Quality to 4K

SD (Standard Definition - 720p) is OK for most uses. It is quicker to upload and looks good when viewed on the web.

HD (High Definition - 1080p) requires more bandwidth and is better for printing. HD is the default setting.

UHD (Ultra High Definition - 4K) is the highest quality and requires extra payment to activate in your account. Some restrictions apply for 4K capture. Call for details.

If 4K has been activated for your account, you will see the 4K button in the Capture Resolution area under ADVANCED SETTINGS for bot FotoZap App and FotoZap Camera.
1. Select 'Customize' option on your desired campaign. 

2. On the following screen select the 'Booth App' option. 

3. Click on the 'Advanced Settings' option to access the capture resolution option. 

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