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FAQ about Promotions & Campaigns

What is a Promotion?

A Promotion is a group of Campaigns or themes, that can be assigned to one or more capture devices (photographers), and then easily tracked and reported on.

How can I use Promotions?

There are a few ways to use Promotions:

  • Photo Booth Selection Screen: Promotions allow you to offer consumers up to 16 creative options on an initial selection screen. Add Campaigns to a Promotion, click the Customize gear icon, and then click the Photo Booth Settings tab to turn on and style the selection screen option. 

For example, offer consumers a choice between different capture types (photo, GIF, boomerang, or video) or offer consumers a choice of creative treatments (capture a GIF with one of 8 different memes).
  • Photographer Control: Create a Promotion with a subset of your Campaigns, and then assign that Promotion to a photographer device so you can be sure that they are shooting on the right campaign at the right event(s).
  • Remotely Update Creative: Easily switch your photo booths (or photographers) between different Promotions. For example, switch some of your photo booths to show a unique set of themed Campaigns for a special event, and then switch them all back to your standard Promotion a day later.
What do the Promotion's action icons do?
  • Customize: Add or remove Campaigns from a Promotion. Then click and edit a wide variety of creative and sharing options for each Campaign.

  • Add Devices: Email a scannable Promotion QR Code and Magic Link to a staff member so they can add devices to your account already assigned to that Promotion.

  • Assigned Devices: View devices currently assigned to this Promotion. Monitor the status of your devices. Reassign devices to a different Promotion.

  • Media: View all the photos, animations, and videos uploaded to this Promotion. Then you can View; Download; Re-Share; Moderate; and Export via RSS, Dropbox and Facebook albums. 

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