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How to upload media from camera roll gallery

When operating the FZ app you might notice two icons on the combination screen when selecting a filter. 

The gear icon the left side of the screen lets the user access the general settings screen within the app. In order to see this option you must turn on the 'Show settings icon on screen', to avoid tampering you may choose leave this option off. However if anything needs to be adjusted the admin will have to restart the application in order to access the general settings on the app. 

The option on the right side of the combination screen lets the user access the photo gallery of their device. Before being able to see the video options the user must select which campaign will the video be aggregated.

Once the campaign has been selected the user will be able to see the media presented by their media gallery.

The selected video will be displayed for preview, once the user has determined this is the video they wish to upload select the 'Choose' option on the bottom left side of the screen. 

Once the video has been processed it will appear on the FZ app for final approval. 

If the user wishes to change the video they may choose the 'Retake' option, the application will then allow the user to select another option. Select keep to proceed to the guest information screen for upload. 

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