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Questions From Event Attendees

When you are at an event or your business taking photos, you will often be asked questions about the FotoZap service. Here are a few commonly asked questions, and their answers:

Can each of us have our own card?

Each person in the photo can and should receive their own Giveaway Cards. The more cards you hand out, the more visitors will come to the website.

Is this really a free photo?

This is the most frequently asked question, and the thing that keeps many people from wanting to get their photo taken. The best antidote is to mention that it is a free photo upfront, or have a sign or a badge that lets people know that it really is a FREE photo. The question is also an opportunity to explain that the service is being paid for by the sponsor in order to promote its products and share information about those products.

When can I go online and get my photo?

The guests will be able to see their photos as soon as the photographer or manager has uploaded the photo and it has been processed online. You can encourage the guests to go online as soon as possible. If they fill out the form, and the photo is not available yet, they will receive an email when the photo does become available. It is usually better to tell them to go online right away; if you tell them to wait a day to fill out the form, they may put it off and might forget about it completely or lose the card.

For how long will my photo be online?

The photo will be online for a minimum of 6 months from the date of photo capture. In many cases the photo will be available for longer, but the minimum is 6 months.

Can you take another photo of me?

Take as many photos as you wish.  Once you are done with the photo session and have scanned a Giveaway Card or entered an email, hit the upload button.   All photos from that session will be sent to that event attendee.

If a person has had their photo taken earlier that day, or even on a different day, you can scan their original card and take another photo. When they go online to retrieve their photos, they will only have to fill out the form only once to be able to view all of their photos in a private online gallery.

I don't want other people to see my photo. Is the photo private?

In the FotoZap process, the photos are completely private and can only be viewed by the person who has the card with the unique code. They can choose to share their photo with friends if they want — the photo sharing page has a sharing icons to make it easy.

How will my information be shared? Am I going to be spammed?

Each sponsoring company that uses FotoZap must respect the privacy policy posted on the pickup website (the URL is printed on the card you will be giving the guest). The sponsor for whom you are taking photos will further define how the information will be used. As a general rule, a company that invests in offering a free photo to a guest is interested in building a positive relationship with that guest, and will be very respectful of that customer's privacy and time.

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