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Transferring uploaded photos to a Facebook Album

Instructions for turning on Facebook Albums

Navigate to and login with your email and password

Click on the Account tab and then 3rd Party Integrations on the drop down menu.

Click Grant Access and login with the Facebook account that is an admin of the target Facebook.

You will need to click OK to three different screens from Facebook to grant access.

Be sure to click okay on all three, failure to to do so will not grant access to Facebook. 

Select the desired Facebook Page from the drop down list. Turn on the campaign(s) that you want to create corresponding albums for on Facebook ( Tip: the name of the Facebook Album will be the same as the name of the campaign/overlay, so update the name of the campaign to the name of the event)
Click the Save button

Any new photos uploaded to the campaign will be transferred to an album on the Facebook Page that was selected. Photos are transferred at the time of upload

Note that the maximum number of photos in a Facebook album is currently 1000. If you reach the limit, you can delete some older photos to allow new ones to be added to the album, or you can start using a different campaign.

** If the Facebook Album page does not appear follow the steps on the FAQ on the bottom of the admin screen to link the page to Fotozap.**

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