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Feeding Campaign Photos to Tint

Automatically transferring photos from a Fotozap Campaign to a public social gallery is a great way to engage people at the event and promote consumer social media sharing.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Getting the RSS Feed

Log in to then:
  1.  click on Results > Media Search. 
  2. Select the options you want to create the RSS feed for,  for example select "favorite" in the "Show by Moderation" dropdown to only feed images that you have marked as a favorite during moderation.
  3. Click to "Generate RSS feed from this search".
  4. Select image options in pop-up and click "Open RSS Feed in New Window" 
Here are the above instructions in a visual format:

Step 2. Wait for the RSS feed to load in a new browser window 

After it loads, copy the URL from the browser address bar. 

(Note that it generates a private key in the link as it loads. )

Step 3. Shorten the RSS URL Link
- If you are using Tint, the URL has to be shortened, so visit the Google URL Shortener 
- Paste in the ink and click SHORTEN URL
- Copy the shortened URL and use that for Tint

Step 4. Login to your account
- click to EDIT the Tint you want to add the images to

5. Click on the orange RSS button in the left column in the Network section. 
- Then paste the RSS URL that you shortened with the Google URLShortener
- Check the "Import image from description" check box
- Finally, click add.

As you capture new photos of guests with Fotozap and upload them, the photos will be transferred to your Tint Social Gallery together with any of the other sources such as Twitter and Instagram hashtags. The time delay before display depends on the level of service your Tint account has.

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