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Exporting images using the RSS feed (such as to Zapier)

The simplest way to export a complete set of photos from a campaign is to use the built-in Dropbox feature in Customize > 3rd Party Integrations.  

But there are a variety of other 3rd party services that can be integrated using the RSS feed from a campaign. 

The RSS feed is updated in real time as images are uploaded, and you can control which version of the photo, animation or video is exported to the RSS feed. So, for example, if you want to export the version with the Image Overlay, you can do that, or you can export the original image without the overlay.  

There are a number of services that can import images from RSS feeds. For example, a service called Zapier supports RSS feeds which then allow you to push the images to an even larger number of external services.

Step 1: Getting the RSS Feed

Log in to then:
  1.  click on Results > Media Search. 
  2. Select the options to filter which images you want in the RSS feed, for example select "favorite" in the "Show by Moderation" dropdown to include feed images that you have marked as a favorite during moderation.
  3. Click to "Generate RSS feed from this search". 
  4. Select image options in pop-up and then click "Open RSS Feed in New Window" 

Step 2: Copy URL

After you have clicked to Generate the RSS Feed, let the URL load in the browser (it generates a key as it loads). Then copy the URL from the browser address bar. 

You can now use this RSS Feed in any service that supports RSS, such as: Sprinklr, Tint, or use Zapier to feed it to any number of services...

Example: Using Zapier to push photos into and other services

Here is one way to use the RSS feed. You can feed the images into using

Create an Zapier account at

Create a 'Zap'.  In this example choose RSS and Box for the triggers.   Select 'New Item in Feed' for RSS and 'Copy File from Trigger' for Box for the actions:

Connect your account or create a new account for your photos to pass into this account.

Paste the RSS feed you copied from

Choose the folder you'd like to pass your photos into.   Under File click 'Insert fields' and select 'Link' (this is the specific photo).   Under Specify File Name select Pub Date, this is so each file name is different and they are uniquely named in

You can then Test the Zap and then finally turn the zap on to get your photos.

You can also do a wide variety of other things in Zapier with an RSS feed, so explore and get creative!

Mac:  We recommend using Chrome or Firefox and NOT using Safari for the above process.

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