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Displaying a Social Gallery on an Event Screen

Wired Connection to Display Screen

Step 1

Connect a laptop or tablet to your TV/projector display via HDMI/VGA cord. This allows you to display your social gallery URL on a TV/projector.

Step 2

Click the button on the pop up window to change to full screen mode. You can get the control panel pop up to appear and disappear by tapping the spacebar on your computer. You can use the button on the control panel or use the full screen mode in Browser settings.


Wirelessly sending to Display Screen using ChromeCast

Step 1

Plug your Chromecast into your TV and change the Input (or Source) until you see a screen that says ‘Set Me Up’. If you need one, you can purchase it here:

Step 2

If you haven’t already, download the Chromecast App to your laptop from this link:

To install on MAC, drag the Chromecast app to your Applications folder, then double click the folder to open it. On PC, install by double clicking the .EXE

Step 3

Run the Chromecast app and follow the prompts

Step 4

Click the 'Cast to Chromecast' button on the pop up window on the social gallery. You can show/hide the pop up control panel by tapping your computer’s space bar when you are looking at the social gallery display.

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