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FAQ: Facebook Pages aren't showing up in the Facebook Albums dropdown...?

"I am trying to set up a Public Gallery using Facebook Albums, but the drop down is not showing any pages. What do I do?"

Problem looks like this:

The first thing to do is make sure that your Facebook account has either Admin or Editor privilege of at least one Facebook Page.

If your account does have Admin access to a Facebook Page but nothing is showing up in the dropdown, the problem is that the app was not granted full permissions when access was first granted.
To fix, follow these instructions:

1. Go to Facebook, login with your account, drop down the right-most menu by clicking on the triangle, and then click on Settings
(or just visit )

2. On the Settings page, click on Apps

3. Click on FotoZap Album App and then click to Remove App

4. Click Remove to confirm removal

5. Now go back to the FotoZap Dashboard (, click on your photo sharing website that you want to edit, and then on Public Galleries. (If that screen is already loaded, you will have to reload the page).
Then Sign in to Facebook or Grant Access.

6. Make sure Grant all three types of access or it won't work. See the following three screens...
6a. Click Okay to grant access to your public profile info
6b. Click Okay to post to Facebook for you.
6c. Click OKay to manager your Pages

7. Now you can fill out the rest of the form
a. select which of your Facebook Pages you want new photos to post to.
b. Turn individual campaigns 'on' or 'off'. Campaigns that are 'On' will post photos to an album with the same name as the campaign on your Facebook Page
c. Make sure to Save any changes

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