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Using FotoZap Share (Beta)

Using the Sharing Station Feature

The FotoZap Share Station App works with the FotoZap Booth software and displays all captured photos or videos on a separate station. 

·        It can improve throughput at your capture point (speeds things up) because you don't have to record guest info on the capture device.  You can send them over to a separate iPad where they can log in their contact info, print the photo, share with friends, etc.

·        It can act as a gallery display on the iPad or any connected large screen

·        allow guests to scroll through all recent images, onsite

Set up:

First identify one device as your capture device and another device as your sharing station device.

Download the FotoZap Share Station App to your sharing station device.  Scan the same Promotional QR Code as the one you used for your Capture device.

Connect both devices to the same internet wifi network

From your Capture Device, turn on the Sharing Station Functionality and select the correct device

From your Sharing Station device choose one of three modes:

  • Run as Sharing Station, using a grid of images, with new images populating the top of the screen
  • Run as a Display with a Single Image displaying at a time
  • Run as a Display with a grid images automatically scrolling from one page to the next, in rotation.

See below for choosing the appropriate option.


Only shared images will be uploaded to the system.

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